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ShapeSculpt™ BootyTrainer

ShapeSculpt™ BootyTrainer

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🤩 1 session = 20,000 squats!

✨ Get in shape from home Effortlessly

🥰 Quick & visible results within 30 days

💖 Easy to use & 100% painless


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Discover the easiest way to get a sculpted booty with our ShapeSculpt™ device. No gym needed! Using advanced EMS technology, it targets and tones all your glute muscles in just 10 minutes a day. Say hello to the perfect BBL without the hassle. Try it now and shape your curves effortlessly!


Experience unparalleled convenience and effectiveness with our ShapeSculpt™. Its wireless, thin, and lightweight design allows you to wear it discreetly under your clothes, providing a hassle-free workout experience wherever you go.

Sculpt and improve not only your booty but also your thighs, while enjoying the soothing relief of muscle pain through rhythmic contractions. Embrace a new level of comfort and versatility in achieving your fitness goals


✓ Tone, Strengthen & Firm: Our machine generates deep yet comfortable contractions that effectively target all your muscles simultaneously, giving you a highly efficient workout in just 10-20 minutes.

✓ Reliable & Effective: EMS technology has been trusted by medical and sports professionals, including physical therapists and rehab specialists, for decades. Now, we bring this proven technology to the comfort of your own home.

✓ Full Body Toning: With our machine's versatile design, you can easily target any body part you desire. From glutes, abs, arms, legs, to calves, achieve full-body toning and sculpting with simplicity.

✓ Advanced EMS Technology: Experience the power of our machine's advanced EMS technology. By generating slow electrical pulses, it triggers muscle contractions and relaxation, mimicking the natural actions of exercising your muscles under the control of the central nervous system.


✓ Say Goodbye to Cellulite: If you're self-conscious about cellulite build-up, our trainers are here to help. Embrace a natural solution and regain your confidence!

✓ Achieve a Sexy Body, No Matter Your Busy Life: Juggling work, family, and everyday tasks? We understand! Our trainers are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, allowing you to sculpt your body while on the go.

✓ Reclaim Your Shape: Life, family, and aging can sometimes cause our shape to shift. But fret not! Our trainers are here to support you in regaining your desired shape and restoring your confidence.

✓ Elevate Your Fitness Journey: Ready to take your shape and fitness to the next level? Maximize your results and make the most out of your healthy lifestyle with our trainers. It's time to prioritize yourself and achieve the best version of you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does it grow your butt?

By Using EMS to send electrical impulses to your glute muscles, the EMS device prompts your muscles tocontract similarly to what happens during exercise. This repetitive contraction helps strengthen develop you glutes over time, resulting in firmer, bigger and more toned glutes/ butt.

How long should I use it for?

For best results we recommend using the BootyTrainer  for at least 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day.

Does it hurt?

No, all our EMS trainers are 100% pain free. 

You may feel a slight tingle from the pulses contracting your muscles but most customers enjoy that sensation! there are 4 different intensity levels, and the sensations do increase as you go up in levels. 

Can I also use before going to the gym?

Absolutely! Using the booty trainer EMS device before hitting the gym can be a fantastic addition to your pre-workout routine. It will enhance the mind-to-muscle connection, ensuring you get the most out of your glute workout too.

Will it help my back pain?

Yes, The BootyTrainer also helps alleviate back pain, especially lower back pain (just above the glutes).